What an amazing day we had with the men at Emanuel PDC in Twin City, GA. I want to thank my amazing team for their dedication and their desire to see these men's lives changed. They poured themselves out like a "drink offering" as you will be able to see from these photos. Unfortunately we were not able to get pictures of everything, but hopefully the video will show more when Wayne is able to put it together.

We had amazing music by The Elijah Project with Michael Cornett ministering to the men, moving testimonies by Thomas Simmons, David Payton, Gary Wright, Wayne Smith, Chris Schanter and Jodi Fraser. Jodi's testimony touched hearts so greatly that she got a standing ovation and we appreciate so much her pouring out her heart to those men.

There were four powerful skits "Turn Around" and "The Puppet Master" as well as two written by the Skit Guys "The Chisel" and "The Birdcage".

We had special music and a testimony by Mary Simmons, a beautiful song "Because of Who You Are" by Heather Payton and the men were truly blessed with the voice of Darshan Nicole Hawkes singing some of the songs that she wrote.

Pastor Lance delivered a powerful message that brought the majority of the men in the yard to the "altar." At the close of the day the men heard another powerful message by Kevin Humphery and the "altar" was full again with men weeping before God!

The team spent most of the day out in the yard ministering one-on-one to the men and praying with them.
I truly believe it was the BEST day yet! God is so AMAZING, INDESCRIBABLE!!! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME.


There are 30 volunteers staying at the Days Inn in Swainsboro, GA getting ready to share a Day of Breakthrough with the men at Emanuel PDC in Twin City, GA! So excited to see what God is going to do!!!!


THE DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH at Emanuel PDC is a little over a week away! The devil has been doing everything to throw obstacles in our path including not allowing some of our people to attend. I am going to be talking to the Supt. tomorrow on behalf of a couple of my volunteers because it was an error in paperwork that got them turned down. Please be praying that God gives me the right words and that we have favor with the new Supt. But even more than that, please be praying for the Day of Breakthrough! We are believing for lives to be changed ..... including OURS!

Poster DOB


God put together the most amazing team for this Day of Breakthrough. I have never seen this much unity in a team of 26 people! The majority of them spent the entire day ministering to the men ... many one on one out in the yard! There were 12 who went for the first time and the reports I am hearing back is they are ready to go again! Read More...

DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH at Emanuel PDC - May 17, 2014

We had an amazing Day of Breakthrough at Emanuel PDC. Sgt. Brantley told me that there were 118 men on the yard. The response from the men was tremendous at the altar calls and at the end of the day when they kept thanking us for being there. Quite a few told us what a difference we had made but it wasn't us ... it was GOD using us! I KNOW that lives were changed and I only hope this day touched your lives as much as it touched mine!



The Day of Breakthrough is going to be held on May 17th at Emanuel Detention Center in Twin City, Georgia. Because the facility is 4 hours away, we will be leaving on Friday, May 16th at 12:00 PM from Relevate Church and staying at the Days Inn in Swainsboro. Read More...

DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH - Emanuel PDC, Twin City, GA - Oct. 19, 2013

We had another amazing Day of Breakthrough. Unlike last year where the Holy Spirit moved so freely from the very beginning, we met some resistance this year due to gang activity in the facility. But the Lord was not going to be stopped!!!! There were 130 men in the yard and we were thrilled. That was more than we’ve had there before.

We had quite a few new volunteers go in with us this year and every single one on my team did an outstanding job from setting up and tearing down to ministering on the yard with music, drama, amazing testimonies and preaching that was unbelievable!

Elijah Project Band joined us again this year and the men really enjoyed them. Read More...

DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH - Emanuel Probation Detention Center - Oct. 20, 2012

We had the most amazing, anointed, spirit-filled, life-changing day I have ever experienced! Every single one on my team did an outstanding job from setting up and tearing down to ministering on the yard with music, drama, amazing testimonies and preaching that was unbelievable! And everyone ministered one on one to the men including our youngest on the team who just turned 18! The entire day was POWERFUL!!! We had 118 men in the yard and they interacted with our ministry all day long. When the altar call was given at the end of the morning session, all but about 6 came up front for prayer … some of them running! I have never been in a service in the nine years I'm doing this where so many men were openly crying and didn't care who saw them. Even when they lined up to go in for count, there were men standing in the back of the lines weeping. The same thing happened in the afternoon session. It would take a long time to relate everything that happened yesterday, but these men were so hungry and they got a buffet to feast on! Thanks everyone on my team for your dedication and love for the Lord, without that, it would have been just another day on the yard! And thank you, who were not able to go, for your prayers!

DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH – October 8, 2011

Set Captives Free Ministries ministers in the yard at Emanuel TC in Twin City, GA with 30 volunteers. There were 110 detainees on the yard (1/3 of the population) which was a good turnout! It was an amazing day in the Lord and we know that lives were changed that day ... including our own. We were told later that the community around the facility also heard what was going on so we are claiming more souls for the Kingdom besides those in the facility! AMEN! You can see the pictures n our Pictures page.