DAY OF BREAKTHROUGH - Emanuel Probation Detention Center - Oct. 20, 2012

We had the most amazing, anointed, spirit-filled, life-changing day I have ever experienced! Every single one on my team did an outstanding job from setting up and tearing down to ministering on the yard with music, drama, amazing testimonies and preaching that was unbelievable! And everyone ministered one on one to the men including our youngest on the team who just turned 18! The entire day was POWERFUL!!! We had 118 men in the yard and they interacted with our ministry all day long. When the altar call was given at the end of the morning session, all but about 6 came up front for prayer … some of them running! I have never been in a service in the nine years I'm doing this where so many men were openly crying and didn't care who saw them. Even when they lined up to go in for count, there were men standing in the back of the lines weeping. The same thing happened in the afternoon session. It would take a long time to relate everything that happened yesterday, but these men were so hungry and they got a buffet to feast on! Thanks everyone on my team for your dedication and love for the Lord, without that, it would have been just another day on the yard! And thank you, who were not able to go, for your prayers!