Rev. Elizabeth Smith has been involved in prison ministry "off and on" since the late 1980's.  Rev. Smith moved to Atlanta, Georgia on January 1, 1994.  In the late 1990's Rev. Smith ministered with Burning Bush Ministries on several occasions. She had a strong desire to minister to inmates, but the Lord was not opening the doors the way she expected Him to.  Then in April 2003, she attended a Weekend of Champions with Bill Glass Ministries.  She was introduced to West Central PDC in Zebulon where she ministered Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  She was then asked to be over the 8-week follow-up ministry for those who had made a decision for the Lord during the Weekend of Champions.  Rev. Smith has been dedicated to prison ministry ever since.
The church Rev. Smith was attending had a prison ministry that was not actively doing anything. It has been founded by the Pastor while he was in prison but nothing was being done with it since the Pastor was "on paper" at that time and could not go into prisons.  Rev. Smith was asked to be the Ministry Coordinator for Ye Visited Me Ministries.  The first institution they ministered in was West Central every Monday evening.  She continued there after the follow-up classes for Bill Glass were completed.  Shortly afterwards the Lord opened doors at Hays State Prison in Trion, GA on Monday evenings. That was followed with monthly services at Baldwin State Prison, Men’s State Prison, Wilcox State Prison, Dodge State Prison and Dooly State Prison.  Monthly services were also held at Frank Scott State Prison until it closed.  Rev. Smith has also ministered at institutions such as Arrendale State Prison, Metro State Prison, Augusta Medical Center and other facilities around the State of Georgia.  In 2007, the ministry was recognized at the Georgia Department of Corrections Annual Awards Program for being one of the Faith-Based Contributors of the Year for 2006.
The Lord gave Rev. Smith the idea for an all-day event to be held out in the prison yard with music, praise dance, drama, motorcycles, puppets, testimonies, preaching, and ministering one on one which truly sets the inmates “free.”  The "Day of Freedom" was initially held at West Central where it was received so well that it continued to be held there twice a year.  Other institutions that embraced the Day of Freedom includes Emanuel PDC in Twin City and Swainsboro, Men’s State Prison and Dooly State Prison to mention just a few.  

Set Captives Free Ministries (SCFM) was "conceived" in the heart of Rev. Smith in 2002 and received its EIN Non-Profit status in 2005; however, the ministry was put on a "back burner" for a few years while she worked with the other ministry. In early 2010, God opened the doors for Set Captives Free Ministries to be "birthed" at City Church of Canton. Since that time there have been over 40 certified volunteers trained through the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Services were held monthly at Men's State Prison until the prison's doors were closed December 1, 2010. We also ministered at Metro State Prison for Women until it closed its doors early 2011. SCFM conducts church services twice a month at West Central PRC for women, once a month at Macon Transitional Center for men, and once a month at Hays State Prison for men.

Rev. Smith went to Tift College and took three other volunteers with her to be trained to teach Anger Management classes at Hays State Prison which is done weekly.

SCFM spent an entire day in the yard at Emanuel PDC in Twin City, GA on October 8, 2011 ministering in music, praise dance and drama, motorcycles, testimonies, preaching, and ministering one-on-one. An amazing musical group known as "Builders None" joined us to minister to the men. Similar to the "Day of Freedom," this day is called the "Day of Breakthrough." We went back again in 2012 and 2013 and another anointed group called “The Elijah Project” joined us. We look forward to being able to have this day in many more facilities as God opens the doors.

Other prisons have stated they want to give us a place but have to wait until there is an opening. We know that God's hand is on this ministry and the doors will open.