Prison Ministry
We disciple the prisoners through the teaching of God's Word, to break the cycle of crime; and prepare them for living a Godly lifestyle.  Our mission is to be a Godly and positive influence to the inmate; to let them know that although they are behind physical bars and locked up in physical chains, their minds can be free to worship God in spirit and in truth; and that there is a life after prison once they turn from a life of crime to a life in Christ.

Georgia is ranked ninth in the nation for the size of its overall population but is ranked fifth nationally for the size of its prison population. One in 15 Georgians is under some form of correctional supervision, in prison or jail, on probation or parole. Every year some 18,000 offenders on an average complete their sentences and return to the community, but 20,000 offenders enter our system. Many of them are repeat offenders.
Recidivism is a word used to describe the relapse into crime. Last year, some 20,000 people were released from Georgia's prisons to re-enter our communities. If trends of the past decade continue, two-thirds of them will be rearrested within three years.  We are here to help lower that percentage rate by ministering the gospel of Christ, breaking the cycle of crime, and reconciling and restoring men and women to Christ and their families.

Homeless Ministry
To the homeless community, we offer food for the body as well as food for the soul.  We give them clothes and blankets to keep them warm and toiletries for their hygiene.  We encourage them, pray with them, and try to give them hope.  Even though they are not behind steel bars, they are also a type of prisoner.  With the high unemployment rate and foreclosures on homes, we are seeing more and more families on the street who do not want to be there. 

3.5 million people and rising currently experience homelessness every year. Homelessness in Atlanta is becoming an epidemic.  Sadly, for the past two years we have seen a sustained increase in the number of homeless children.  A large percent of all new homeless cases are single mothers with children.

Ministry Overview
Set Captives Free Ministries is a non-profit ministry funded by the Founder and any gifts and donations that are received.  All monies go directly into the ministry to provide Bibles and literature to the inmates, equipment and supplies needed for ministry, food and clothes for the homeless, and transportation. 

Set Captives Free Ministries also helps with needs of the institutions for toiletries for the inmates and for Christmas “goody bags.”  All monies are used 100 percent for the ministry and reaching inmates and the homeless for Christ.

Set Captives Free Ministries (SCFM) was "conceived" in the heart of Rev. Smith in 2002 and received its EIN Non-Profit status in 2005; however, the ministry was put on a "back burner" for a few years while she worked with another ministry. In early 2010, God opened the doors for Set Captives Free Ministries to be "birthed" at City Church of Canton, Since that time over 40 certified volunteers have been trained through the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Services were held monthly at Men's State Prison until the prison's doors were closed December 1, 2010. We also ministered at Metro State Prison for Women until it closed its doors early 2011. SCFM conducts church services twice a month at West Central PRC for women, once a month at Macon Transitional Center for men, and once a month at Hays State Prison for men.

Rev. Smith went to Tift College and took three other volunteers with her to be trained to teach Anger Management classes at Hays State Prison which is done weekly.

Every year since 2011, SCFM spends an entire day called The Day of Breakthrough in the yard at Emanuel PDC in Twin City, GA ministering in music, praise dance and drama, motorcycles, jeeps, testimonies, preaching, and ministering one-on-one. We hope to be able to do at least three (3) Days of Breakthrough in 2014. Below is a brief video of the 2012 “Day of Breakthrough” and you can also see the one from 2013 on the Videos page.

We look forward to being able to have this day in many more facilities as God opens the doors.

Other prisons have stated they want to give us a place but have to wait until there is an opening. We know that God's hand is on this ministry and the doors will open.