Wayne, Julia and I went downtown Atlanta to help two other ministries provide clothing, hygiene kits and food to “God’s children on the streets” for Christmas. We handed out hygiene bags with soap, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, hats and chapstick. You had a part in this. Thank you for your help.

It was really cold and my heart goes out to God's children living on the streets and under the bridges ... especially the children! I know some choose to be there and live this way, but a lot of them do not. In this economy, they have just lost everything. Please keep the homeless community in your prayers and if you can do ANYTHING, please do not hesitate...a warm blanket, a hot meal, a pair of gloves, a scarf, a warm coat hanging in your closet because it has gotten too big or too small – ANY THING! God bless you!


Wayne and Julia Smith (of Set Captives Free Ministries) went downtown to help feed God’s children on the streets. They also took coats, sweaters and sweatshirts, blankets, sleeping bags, toothbrushes and toothpaste to hand out. They first joined up with Pastor Clifton Dawkins and then joined up with 2nd Genesis Ministries out of White, GA. Between the two locations, approximately 350 people were ministered to which included a lot of couples and women. It was very cold and windy so they were surprised to see so many out from their “sheltered” places.