HAYS STATE PRISON - March 4, 2012

Susan, Emily, Wanda, Kevin and I went to Hays to hold the monthly service. What an amazing service we had tonight! We had 67 men in the service. We opened in prayer and I had an inmate come up and lead in a praise song followed by Emily backed up by her inmate choir. Then Pastor Kevin delivered the message from John 11 about Lazarus and brought it down to where the men "live." Eight inmates came up for prayer at the end of the service. Some of the gang members who sit along the side started to act up at the beginning of the sermon, but something quieted them down and they were all listening. This is the first time this has happened. Thank you for your prayers! Pastor Kevin had a word of knowledge about an inmate's 14 year old son. He didn't know who it was for but gave some details. He asked the man to come up for prayer, but nobody moved, so Pastor Kevin prayed with the eight men who did come up. After the service a man came up and said that was his 14 year old son and told Pastor Kevin the situation. Pastor Kevin prayed with him for his son. I believe lives were changed tonight!!! Praise God.