Wayne, Julia and I went to MTC to hold the Sunday morning service. I played two songs on video praise and worship and then Stephen sang some praise music. After the praise and worship, . Wayne continued his series on Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare. Tonight’s discussion was on Demons.

He discussed that demons are angels who sinned and are now evil. They are beyond redemption unlike us. Hell is not prepared for man; however, we will go there if we make that choice. Demons will be tormented in hell and those who serve demons will be likened to them and will be tortured with them.

Satan was also an angel created by God – a cherubim. He is spiritual not physical. He is powerful but he is limited. He is limited in space and knowledge. He is not omnipresent and he knows his end is coming, but he doesn’t know when. In his desire to become like God, he is the perfect example of ungoldly. Pride was the foundation of his fall and pride is the core of sin. His name describes who he is … in Hebrew Satan means adversary.

Wayne discussed all of the characteristics of Satan, what he does, how he tempts, how he attacks, the differences between God and Satan, and how Satan and the demons relate to us. He closed by saying “when it comes to Satan, remember that he is limited and he is defeated. Satan wants the glory of God. He cannot steal the glory of God in heaven but he can steal the glory that is due God here on earth.

There was a lot of discussion and interaction.

We then practiced “The Chisel” and the guys loved it. We closed in prayer.