WEST CENTRAL RSAT - June 11, 2012

What a magnificent service! God showed up and showed out!!! Pastor Kevin and Susan joined me at West Central. We had 40 inmates in the service and over 2/3 of them were new. We started out by having one of the inmates open in prayer and then went into video praise and worship. This was followed by specials by two of the inmates, and three of the inmates ministered in dance. It was awesome! I asked them to close their eyes and get into a worshipful mood while I played two songs from a CD that was given to me at our Women’s Conference. The first song was “Through the Fire” by Jason Crabb and it was really touching them. The second song was also by Jason Crabb called “Sometimes I Cry.” This song “broke” them and got them totally prepared for Pastor Kevin’s message “Help is on the Way.” The Scriptures he used was Mark 5:1-6; 18-19. He brought it right down to where they live and the Holy Spirit moved mightily in the service. There were some women in the service who tried to be very hard, but the Holy Spirit softened them. Eleven women came up for salvation. Then the rest of the women came up for prayer of commitment and rededication. While Pastor Kevin and Susan were praying for those who needed special prayer, I allowed a few others to share in song and then one of the inmates had asked if they could close in prayer! What an amazing service!!!