We joined the men at Macon TC for Sunday morning service. After a time of praise and worship, Wayne showed the Ghana documentary video of Lions Gate on their trip in September.

It's amazing to think that such a great number of people in the world have never heard of Christ.

Acts 12:1-17
There are a lot of guards around Peter. It's the night before he is getting ready to die and he is sleeping. In fact he was sleeping so deeply that the angel had to hit him in the side to get his attention. The chains dropped off, he walked right past the guards and the gate opened. He went to the house of Mary where they were praying for him.
What would have happened if the chains had fallen off and he still sat there? How foolish what that have been? Yet we do that in America today. Jesus died for our sins and broke all those chains yet we still sit in sin.

We sing about our chains being broken, yet are we really free?

We have 6,600 people groups around the world who have never heard of Jesus, yet we sit here in our affluence and "stuff" and don't even care about all of those people destined for hell. If we love God and believe He is coming back, how can we just sit here doing nothing.

We often think we need a lot to help, but we don't. We have to have the love and desire.

If we really have a desire for God, we don't want His Name tarnished. When we get saved, we're not perfect, but it's a walk we're constantly on. We want to draw closer to Him all the time.

When you are constantly seeking to pull others into the Kingdom of God, you won't want to tarnish His Name and you won't end up back in here.

Matt 7:21 - many will cry Lord, Lord but will not enter in because they did not do the will of the Father.

Remember when you had your first date? You wanted to tell everyone. But we don't do that with Christ. So many people put on the "wedding ring" on Sunday morning when they go to church, but take it off the rest of the week.
You have children in your family .... in your neighborhood ... who look up to you. You can make a difference in their life. It's time we grow up. Make a difference so those children will not end up in here. This place is a "wake up" call for you. God is "hitting you in the side." It's time to get those chains off and time to walk out.

Wayne told them that he had some beautiful cars and a beautiful home, but that word is "had." All he has today are some pictures and doesn't have the money he spent on it. Nothing to show for it. If he had used that money for the Kingdom of God, it would have made such a difference.

There was a lot of interaction with the men and discussion. One of the guys brought up that he felt led to talk to the young guys here at MTC. Before he only thought about what he's going to do when he gets out, but now he wants to tell others about Christ.

One of the men asked to play "Break Every Chain" again, which we did, and then closed in prayer.