We need prayers! I have cut my volunteer list back to 21 volunteers removing over 30 volunteers. Some of these volunteers cannot go in on a regular basis but want to be involved as much as possible. Chaplain Darryl J. Ellis told me today that I can no longer get their IDs made at Hays since we are not able to be active in there right now due to the partial lock down they are still on. I can only have 7 volunteers in West Central and those IDs can be made there, but I have NO IDEA where I can get the orher IDs renewed. Please keep us in your prayers. It is really becoming a struggle to be a volunteer in the prison ministry, but God never said it would be easy. The devil is really trying to get me depressed but I'm not going to let him win!!! Please help me pray that things will change at Hays and they will add more services so we can get back in there and at least a few of my people can get their IDs made there. I was hoping that even though we aren't active at Hays, we do still help with Christmas, etc. and that would help us stay "active" there. PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY!