We opened up in prayer and with some praise and worship. None of my musicians were there so I played the keyboard. We had 8 men in the service. Wayne ministered on "Witnessing Made Simple - by Holy Scripture." He started out by telling his own story. Then he read Mark 5:1-21 about the demoniac of Gadarene who was possessed by a legion of demons. Because Jesus set this man free, he wanted to follow Him. But Jesus told him no and told him to go witness.

So often we don't feel qualified. This man did not learn Scriptures nor did he go through a program on how to witness. Jesus just told him to go tell his story. We ALL have a story. Witnessing is as simple as telling your story and what the Lord has done for you. Nobody can take that experience away from you and it is one that can reach others.

Discussion followed and then we circled for prayer. It was a great service.