We opened up in prayer and then had video praise and worship. I turned the service over to Wayne who continued the series on "How to Study the Bible." Begin the steps....
1. What do I see?

A. Learn to listen: take the time to listen; listen thoughtfully; listen thoroughly; listen repeatedly; listen patiently; listen imaginatively; listen meditatively; listen purposely

B. Learn to look:
1. Is the verb past, present or future?
2. Is the verb imperative?
3. Is the verb active or passive?
4. Look at "space" (what is the whole of what is being talked about.
5. Look for a purpose statement.
6. Look for an order.
7. Look for exaggeration.
8. Look for Chiasm
9. Look for what the Word repeats.
10. Look for connectors (therefore, and, so, etc.)
11. Look for questions and answers.
12. Look for cause and effect.
13. Look for conditions (if, then)
14. Look for lists.

We ended up by getting in a circle and praying together.

If you are wondering what all of this means on studying the Bible and live in the Canton/Woodstock area, Wayne will be doing a 5 week class at Relevate Church starting April 7th on how to study the Bible.