WEST CENTRAL PRC - May 7, 2012

Elizabeth Haney and Jim Houchens went with me to WCPRC. We opened the service in prayer, followed by their favorite chorus to sing "Enemy's Camp." The 32 women in the service really got into the "interaction" of the song. We followed with video praise and worship. One of the inmates sang "The Garden" and another inmate played a CD of a song she wanted to share. Our guest minister was Rev. Jim Houchens from Ft. Lauderdale, FL who gave his testimony and incorporated it together with the story of Jonah. Some of the women got on their feet and applauded when he was finished. I believe his testimony really touched their hearts. I then gave an altar call. Four women came up for prayer to make Jesus not just their Savior but LORD of their lives. They wanted a deeper walk with the Lord than what they have had so far. I had Jim lead them in a prayer and then Elizabeth H. shared some things with them that God had put on her heart. The Spirit of the Lord was very sweet in the service tonight. We then had women come up for special prayer for healing, deliverance, and other special needs! I truly believe some lives were changed tonight! Praise God!