Susan, Emily and I went to Macon TC tonight. It was a very interesting night. It amazes me how God works. We drove 2 hours to get to Macon TC and only had 6 men in the service. All three of us were very tired tonight, so I guess it made it easier for us to be discouraged over the small turnout (the smallest we've ever had). I told Susan that maybe we should stop driving down there with the cost of gas the way it is and encourage the Chaplain to get local teams to minister there. Emily ministered in music and I ministered on "The Whole Armor of God." At the end of the service I had the men come up and get in a circle with us to pray. After I asked for prayer requests, one of the men proceeded to tell us how much they appreciate us driving so far and look forward to our service every month. Then one of the other guys got tears in his eyes and told me that the message tonight was directly for him. He said, "I know you ladies get discouraged coming all the way down here and having only a few, but you are doing an amazing work and we really appreciate you. We need you." He said a few other things too that I cannot really recollect word for word. Susan looked over at me and I looked up towards the ceiling and said "Yes, Lord, I hear You. I knew God used these men to let us know that we are doing exactly what He wants us to do! Praise God!!!