God made his presence felt as 25 women (5 new) from West Central and Set Captives Free Ministries worshiped together with song, prayer, and Bible study. Everyone was touched by the music selected. Pastor Elizabeth Smith followed up on last week’s study on "Moving Forward from Abuse and Hurt" taught by Pastor Wayne Smith. She discussed how to seek God’s guidance regarding dysfunctional relationships as women grow in Christ. Sheila Stover spoke on finding the root of emotional pain that prevents us from moving forward in our lives. Pastor Kevin Humphery thanked Elizabeth and Sheila for preaching his sermon, then proceeded with the 2nd part of his sermon on Breaking Generational Curses based on 1 Kings 17:17-24.

Last week, we learned that the widow was asked to put God’s will first. When she began to comply, strength and resources were made available to save herself and her son from the famine. This correlates to belief in God not empowered by the Holy Spirit because we do not put God first and act on His instructions. We, thereby, doom ourselves AND OUR FAMILIES to POVERTY of spirit and deny them PROOF of God’s POWER to CHANGE.

The story continues with Elijah living in the upstairs room of the widow’s home and all 3 people eating well on the flour and oil provided by God. Suddenly, adversity hits hard! The widow’s son becomes sick, and stops breathing. She turns to Elijah, ANGRILY, and asks if God is allowing this to happen because of HER PAST SINS. Elijah simply asks her to surrender her child to him, and thereby, to GOD. After a moment, she hands the child to Elijah who takes him to the UPPER ROOM and petitions God 3 times to save the son of the woman who put God first BEFORE THE PROMISE OF SUPPORT. God honors the faith of the widow.

God gives us all the opportunity to have a relationship with HIM through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Every chain can be BROKEN by our CHOICE to accept God’s offer. We can then address our GENERATIONAL CURSES: addictions, abuse of all kinds, mental illness, and poverty. “HOW?”, we cry out to God.

When Elijah asked for the son’s breathless body, the widow immediately worried about HER PAST SINS! By repeating the instruction to turn the child over to GOD, he teaches us that curses can only be broken when we GET OUT OF THE WAY and let God work. No one wants to see their child committing the same sins they did. However, curses can be BROKEN by one generation CHANGING and turning their lives and their children’s lives over to GOD, the Father of all. Accept change inside yourself. Create an UPPER ROOM where you can focus on the Father/child relationship you have with God. Then you will feel comfortable asking for help when adversity strikes. You can then be there for your children in a new and wonderful way.

The service ended with almost everyone coming forward and praying for God to break the family curses by changing the hearts and minds of HIS CHILDREN. It was an amazing service.
Submitted by Sheila Stover