WEST CENTRAL PRC - May 14, 2012

What a magnificent service! God showed up and showed out!!! Sadly we found out that this is the last service we'll have with many of these ladies at WCPRC. The facility is changing to a RSAT facility and many of the current inmates are being shipped out to other facilities. Since it was the last service we will have with many of them, we had to start out with our traditional song "Enemy's Camp." What a good time we had with it. Then we started the video praise and worship with +”Hallelujah Anyhow.” The Spirit of the Lord and the joy in the room was so heavy that I felt lead to stop the video after the first song and Emily lead the ladies in a couple of songs. Then we had a special by one of the inmates followed by one last worship song by Emily. One of the inmates also said some encouraging words to all of those getting transferred out of West Central this week. Pastor Kevin then delivered a message based on Blind Bartemaeous using the illustration of how he called out to Jesus and everyone around him was telling him to be quiet but he refused. He wanted his miracle. He then brought it down to where the ladies live. It had such an amazing impact that every single woman in the room came up for prayer. It was amazing! God is AMAZING! Praise God for changed lives!