HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF one of these men we are ministering to would be your brother, your son, your father, your husband or just a loved one??? Not everyone who is locked up are "hardened criminals" .... a lot of the incarcerated just made a very bad choice and are paying the consequences. How many of us have made bad choices but just didn't get caught?? We want to bring a little cheer to some men who cannot be home for Christmas. We are a small ministry and everything we get all year either from others or by our own donations goes strictly to ministering to those "behind wire" and even to the homeless and less fortunate in the community. Right now we are focusing on our Christmas bags for the incarcerated, but if any is left over in this fund, it will go to help the less fortunate for Christmas. Any donations are tax deductible. Please pray about helping Set Captives Free Ministries. No amount is too small ... it all "adds up" and will help.