Our team of Kevin Humphery, Sheila Stover and Elizabeth Smith went to WCITF to worship with 39 precious ladies. One of our ladies was going home in a few days so she offered to open in prayer. We had video praise and worship and the ladies really got into the worship coming up front to kneel down in "waves." It was followed by Sheila signing to "For Every Mountain" which was very moving. Women were crying all over the room (including me).

Kevin ministered on "I Am Not What They Call Me" using passages from Acts 1:7-8; Heb. 10:15-19; I Cor. 2:12-13; Acts 8L1-6. He essentially was letting the ladies know that it doesn't matter what people have said about them or what they have been told growing up, etc. They are not what people have told them they are ... they are who God says they are. Every woman in the room came up for the altar service.