Wayne, Julia and I went to Macon TC for the Sunday morning service. One of the men opened in prayer and then we went into video praise and worship.

Wayne ministered on "Desperation in Prayer" taking his primary text from Luke 11:1-13. He actually took the men all the way through the book of Luke showing them the prayer life of Christ. He gave us the example of what our prayer life should be. Desperation for God should be at the center of everything in our life ... everything we do.

What was fundamental in the early church as for the most part become supplemental to the present day church. We can do NOTHING without God! We need to be desperate for Him. God in his Sovereignty designed prayer for communication and relationship with us to be a part of everything we do. He designed it in such a way that we have a part but HE gets the glory!

We spent the last 20 minutes or so discussing prayer, the Bible and other questions the men had. We then closed in prayer praying for their needs.