God blessed us with His Spirit as Pastor Elizabeth Smith led 45 beautiful souls (5 new) in song at West Central. The room rang with praise and prayers.

We then played "For Every Mountain" which was signed by Sheila Stover. Women responded with weeping and praising!

"Can You Believe? " was the challenge of Pastor Kevin Humphery to us all. Changing our ENTIRE life and our family's lives starts with "The Battlefield of the Mind." Luke 17:5-6 teaches that prayerful faith requires that we honor and thank God even when we don't see the results we want. Jail is often the answered prayer of someone for a loved one imprisoned by demons of mental illness, drugs, and/or bad decisions. The cleared mind is open to healing. Getting grounded in the Bible keeps guilt and shame from paralyzing us. Moving forward in healing is possible by active belief.

In Mark 9:17-27, a man pleads for Jesus to heal his son from a "mute" spirit that causes havoc in his life. Just like the disciples couldn't heal the son, churches that don't address our needs can't help us grow and, eventually, mentor others. Like the mute son, we don't call out to God for victory over our problems, thereby allowing that evil spirit to stay in charge. The father BELIEVED and ACTED by carrying his son to Jesus.

When newly healed, we need to seek God's mentors to guide us. Repelling the wrong people by calling 911 brings help just like prayer brings grace! (James 2:17-20) Problems and pain from childhood, left untreated, cause us to escape through substance abuse and destructive behaviors. Letting Jesus cast out the old demons and leaving them in our past is the medicine our souls need to heal so we can share our experiences. God's glory shining through us begins the healing of our families as well. Many people gave up on us as "good as dead" or "worthless", but when Jesus raises us in His Spirit to stand for Him day by day, His Purpose and Glory are a living testimony that "WE CAN BELIEVE". Amen and Amen!

We closed in prayer with the ladies to help their unbelief. It was a great service!

Submitted by Sheila Stover