Susan and Emily joined me tonight to go to West Central to minister. I was sick all the way down and had decided to let Susan and Emily handle the service tonight and I would just sit quietly in the background. When we got into the Library, there was a sign on the bulletin board that said “Set Captives Free Ministries every 1st and 2nd Mondays - Go Into the Enemy’s Camp Fellowship.” When Emily showed that to me, I got “fired up” and decided that we would sing “Enemy’s Camp” … something we used to do just about every service but had not done for a while. Seventeen ladies came into the room and we could feel the Spirit in the room from the beginning. We opened with introductions and prayer and then went into the “Enemy’s Camp” … the ladies really responded to it and we did “spiritual warfare” against the enemy. Then Emily led them in praise and worship. I felt led to do interpretive praise dance to “Holy Ground” and then one of the ladies sang a couple of specials. Susan delivered her message on “Four Things Hell Has that the Church Needs” using Luke 16 - the parable of the rich man and Lazarus as her Scripture. It was an anointed message and when the altar call was given, 13 of the ladies came up to rededicate their lives to the Lord. After they repeated the prayer, we played “Shake Heaven” on a CD and then Emily lead them in “Nobody Can Do Me Like Jesus.” We then got into a circle and several of the ladies as well as my team closed in prayer. It was an amazing night! Once again, God showed up and showed out!!! Praise God!