Today was our first Sunday service at Macon TC. Kevin Humphery went down with Wayne and Julia. We have not done any "advertising" that we'd be there, but there were seven men in the service. Kevin ministered on "I Will Get Up" using the Scripture John 11:1-6, 20-16 which is the story of Lazarus. He used this story bringing it down to where the men live to get them ready for when they go home. He told them that they shouldn't expect it to be easy because it will actually be difficult. They were in darkness so long and then stepped into the light. They are about to go back into darkness. Jesus is standing outside the cave calling. When they get out, they have got to go toward that voice, heeding the voice. Find a good Bible based church to attend.

The last 35+ minutes was spent in a question and answer type session with Wayne and Kevin both answering questions.

We are looking forward to some great Sunday service discipling the men. Thank you, Lord!