HAYS STATE PRISON - July 1, 2012

Pastor Kevin, Emily, and I went to Hays to hold the first Sunday service. There were 40 inmates in the service. I asked Pastor Kevin to open up in prayer and then Emily led the inmates in praise and worship. We were blessed by a special song by Inmate Lewis which was a blues spiritual. The men loved it ... not to mention so did we! I then did interpretive praise dance to "Holy Ground" followed by an awesome message by Pastor Kevin from the 5th chapter of Mark entitled "Don't Be Afraid ... Just Believe." He used the story of Jairus going to Jesus to ask him to heal his daughter who was dying, but was "pushed aside" by the woman with the issue of blood who was determined to get to Jesus and nothing was going to stop her. In the meantime Jairus is given a bad report that his daughter died (we need to be careful who we keep around us for companions) but he just had to believe because Jesus returned his daughter to him. Pastor Kevin brought the message down to where the men live and 18 men came up for prayer at the end of the service. Once prayer was finished, Inmate Lewis blessed us with another song and I closed in prayer. It was an amazing service ... Thank you, Jesus!!!