Susan and Emily were not able to go with me tonight, so Elizabeth Haney said she'd go with me. We had a very small attendance tonight, but it was still awesome what God does. We sang a few worship songs and then I delivered a message on John 4 "Going to the Well" using the story of the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well and her encounter with Jesus... how she tried to fill the emptiness in her life with relationships until she met the One who could fill that void and make her life complete. Of course there was much more to it than I just told here, but all of the ladies came forward to return to their "First Love." Even though the attendance was very low tonight, Jesus went to ONE woman at the well to make a difference in her life! Right? We than had a time of prayer and the Lord had me minister to one lady and had me tell her things that there was no way I could have known. She broke down weeping and we prayed to set her free.Elizabeth Haney then gave a brief testimony about the way God has worked in her life and brought her through the death of her Mother just two days ago! God is SO AMAZING.