WOW! I don't know what other words to use! Pastor Lance Johnson was supposed to go preach tonight and, due to circumstances beyond his control, he was not able to go but I didn't find out until today. I have to admit that I "panicked" because I didn't have a message prepared! God let me know that He had it in control but I still "fretted" a little while. [embarrassed] He dropped into my spirit what to do so that is what I shared with Emily and Susan.

We got into the facility and only had 9 ladies in the service. (The population is currently 44 inmates and they are slowing bringing in the probationers which will be 138 when all have arrived). We opened up with one of the inmates praying and then went into video praise and worship followed by Emily leading them in a few songs with her tambourine. I had asked Emily to share her testimony which she did. Then Susan brought a short message on "Where is the Fruit." The ladies received both extremely well and were intently listening.

The Lord has impressed upon me earlier today to dance to "Alabaster Box." I said, "Lord, are you sure? I haven't done a praise dance to that song in about 4 years and I don't have time to practice." He didn't take that feeling away from me, so I did a praise dance as I felt lead. The ladies were crying and some even jumped to their feet when it was over. I was crying too! God ministered to ALL of us! Thank you, Lord! Then I gave part of my testimony and ministered to the ladies about their desire to be loved and cherished and what a treasure they are to God.

When I gave the altar call, every lady came up for prayer to make Jesus not just their Savior, but Lord of their life. We then had time to minister to three ladies (each one of us had one) for special needs in their life! What an amazing night!!! God showed up and showed out so magnificently!!! Praise God!!!