Kevin and I went to West Central to minister to the ladies. After several attempts to have video worship with equipment that wouldn't cooperate, we went on with the service. There were 13 ladies in attendance.

Kevin ministered on Open My Eyes. Scriptures he used were Mark 10:46-52; Romans 13:11-12; and 2 Cor. 15:17. He used the account of Blind Bartemaus and brought it down to where the ladies live.

Blind Bartemaus saw his opportunity and was not going to let Jesus get away. He could not see but people could see him. We know that people are looking at us, but we don't see what they are seeing.

Blind Bartemaus would not give up. The "good church folks" around him tried to make him be quiet instead of encouraging him. Instead of listening, he got louder and louder and louder. He had a problem and he needed Jesus. He knew in his heart that Jesus could change him. He had faith. First of all, you have to believe that He can change you!

There were multitudes around Him and with all the talking and noise going on, He heard ONE! Jesus heard him and stopped ... He stood still and commanded him to be called. Now the same folks who tried to shut him up were now encouraging him ... be of good cheer; rise! He's calling ou.

No matter how you feel, you have to get up and be off good cheer. Cast off those beggar garments. He had to cast off his garments; Jesus didn't take them off for him. The Lord heals us but we have to do our part. He will help us but we have to do our part. We need to give up the things that bind us; we need to walk away from the things that tempt us; we need to put action to our prayers. Bartemaus didn't care what anybody thought - this was between him and Jesus. His faith made him whole. We have to put our own faith to our prayers.

There was one salvation and most of the ladies needed special prayer so Kevin and I both ministered to them. The presence of the Lord was definitely in the service! Praise God!