One of the residents opened in prayer and then we had video praise and worship. The Holy Spirit was moving from the very first song! We have been having REVIVAL at West Central. Then Kevin ministered on "Christ in You ... the Hope of Glory." (Col. 1:15-29)

1. The closest some people will ever get to Jesus is through YOU.

2. Anything that takes your mind from Jesus is an enemy of God. Nothing and nobody should come before HIM!

3. Romans 12;1 - this is not a suggestion ... this is expected (my note)

4. Col. 1:22 - we are to be holy and blameless. It is a process.

5. Eph, 3:20-24 - All truth is in Jesus. You have to let all of the old nonsense go and be renewed in your mind (change the way you think).

There was one new soul for the kingdom of God - Praise God! All of the ladies raised their hands for prayer for the power of the Holy Spirit to work in them. It was an amazing service!!! Thank you, Lord!