We had a great time at Macon TC. There were 10 men in the service and 9 of them were new. A lot of our regulars have gone home and we are so happy for them. We opened up in prayer by one of the residents and then sang a couple of songs ("Breathe" and "Amazing Grace"). Wayne did a teaching on "We Can't Continue This Way." Some of the scriptures used were John 14:12; I John 5:3-5; Luke 9:57-62; Luke 14:26-27,33; Titus 2:11; I Cor. 10:1-7; and Ezekial 16:49 talking about Sodom and Gomorrah. He used an awesome illustration with a long rope with about 9 " at the end painted in red with the rest of the rope coming down and laying across the floor. What we do during the red time decides what we will be doing during the rest of the time; yet, we are so caught up in the red time (money, pleasure, family, habits, etc. etc.) that we never even think about the rest of the "rope" which is our eternity. Two men raised their hands to make a decision. We call came in a circle for prayer.