Kevin Humphery and I went to West Central to minister to 36 precious ladies. The video praise and worship was powerful and the Holy Spirit moved in an amazing way through the girls. Many came up front during the worship in "waves" during different songs and knelt before God weeping. After the praise and worship, I turned the service over to Kevin who ministered on “Only in the Fire” taking his text from Daniel 3:1, 5-6, 15. He also used Romans 12:1-2.

Kevin talked to the ladies about images and idols in their lives that they’ve bowed down to. He used the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fire to bring it down to where the ladies live. He gave an altar call asking the ladies if they are tired of having other things in their lives keeping them from making God the Lord of their life. Are they tired of having these strongholds and all of the ladies came up for prayer.