The RSAT program has started so we no longer get the large class room to hold our services. We are now holding our services in the library, which really works out quite well since the population is down right now. We had 7 inmates in the service and then when the RSAT meeting was over at 7:30, 2 probationers came in to join us. We did video praise and worship and they really enjoyed the songs. Then Emily lead them in some songs with her tambourine. Pastor Kevin brought a message entitled "How to Encourage Yourself" using I Samuel 30:1-10. Everyone needs encouragement but there are times when you need to encourage yourself; that is why Pastor Kevin brought this message from the Bible about David to where the ladies "live." Several ladies came up for prayer at the end of the service. The transition is going to be a little difficult, but our God is in control. Amen!