Pastor Elizabeth Smith went to West Central ITF to worship with 36 amazing ladies. We started out with prayer and then praise and worship each praising God in her own way. I then ministered to the ladies on Micah 7:7-8 with the emphasis being on waiting on God, trusting that He's got you in the palm of His hand and has everything under control. He is an on-time God - never late. Also, keeping our confession of faith and when we stumble (fall), we get right back up. The sin is not in the "stumble" - the sin is in not getting up; staying down in the pigpen of sin. There was a lot of interaction with the ladies and, if you say to them now "when I fall....." they will reply "I shall arise!!!" It was an amazing service and every lady came up front for prayer saying they are tired of falling. There was also one decision for Christ. Praise God for His Word!