Wayne, Julia and I went to MTC to hold the Sunday morning service. I played two songs on video praise and worship and then Stephen sang some praise music. After the praise and worship, . Wayne continued his series on Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare. This morning’s message was Spiritual Warfare in the Old Testament.

Demonism and spiritualism was everywhere. Deut. 32:16-17 tells us that the children of Israel provoked GOD to anger with worship of pagans and demons.

Wayne covered seven different scriptures in the OT and summarized. Satan is cunning and smart; he knows who to go to and how to attack. Satan questioned God’s authority and integrity in the OT and he is doing the same today. His first question was “Did God really say?” The same thing is happening in the churches today. Does the Bible really say? Is that what it really means?

Spiritual warfare is a battle for your heart. What voice are you going to listen to? Those who listen to the serpent’s voice are going to feel the serpent’s fangs.

1. One thing we do not see is a lot of talk about satan and demons. It is actually minimized even though a demonic world surrounded them. It emphasizes on God.
2. We do see that angels and demons were at work but it focuses more on human responsibility … the problems of our heart. It maximizes human responsibility and sin is not shown as demonic warfare but the sin of the heart.

1. God is sovereign; Satan is limited in power.
2. The primary human problem is sin.
3. Spiritual warfare is God centered. The answer is repent and turn from your old ways and turn to God.

We don’t see demons cast out in the OT. God is center stage.

Knowing God is in control, we should find joy in all things.

We closed with prayer requests and Wayne prayed.