Julia and I went to WCITF to minister to the ladies. We had 30 ladies in the service who worshiped God with the video praise and worship. After the praise and worship, I delivered the word on "The Father's Embrace." One thing all women have in common is that they need to be loved. Many women (especially incarcerated) did not have a good relationship with their earthly father and have difficulty seeing our Heavenly Father as a Father of Love.... they think He is "out to get them" every time they do something wrong. I based the message on the prodigal son but actually more on the loving father who represents our Heavenly Father. I showed them some things in the message that they never knew before that I learned from my Jewish friends about the culture of that day that really makes it more understandable how much God loves us! At the altar call, 27 women came up for prayer wanting to understand and know better the love of our Father and to have an intimate relationship with Him.