Wayne, Julia and Kevin went to West Central to hold the service. I was sick and unable to go but have been told that it was an awesome service with 36 ladies in attendance. After video praise and worship, Kevin played a song "For Every Mountain." He then brought the message on Luke 15:11-24 (parable of lost son/daughter). The title of his message was "I Have Got to Go Home!"

Kevin held up an envelope. If this envelope had $100 in it and I stomped on it, what is it worth now? $100! You are still worth what you were when you were born. The devil will try to break you down; tell you that you are worthless. The devil came to kill, steal and destroy and he will destroy you if he can. The prodigal realized that he had to do something. He had to arise and go back to his father's home. He arose and took that first step. His father was waiting for him. God has been there all along waiting on YOU! You just have to take that first step.

Kevin prayed for all of the ladies who are scared to go home. Most of the ladies said they were scared.